The best Search Strategy customized for You

We listen closely, each and every day. Be it to candidates or clients. To us, reading between the lines is what makes all the difference.

We believe that this understanding is key for good hiring decisions and the basis for successful HR development. Therefore our favorite question became our company's tag line: "Tell me about yourself."

MUELLBACHER Human Resources Consulting was founded by Ute Muellbacher in Vienna in 2004. We have grown to become a small, professional team with an extensive network of candidates and decision-makers. From the very beginning, we worked hard to earn an excellent reputation as providers of strategic recruiting and personnel selection services. We fully dedicate our expertise and focus our efforts on a select group of clients with whom we work towards long-term solutions. We make things happen and believe in building trusting and confidential business relationships with each and every client to ensure that we can meet their specific needs. We have many years' experience focusing on the following areas: search and selection, direct approach, executive search, online / social media recruiting, consultancy and support with questions about HR management, succession planning, management coaching and career consulting.

We look forward to speaking to you soon and to advising and supporting you in your recruiting and human resources management needs. Demanding projects are our forte!

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