Analysis, Research and Selection based on Your Needs

Our in-depth market expertise, targeted analyses, highly specific search methods, creativity and our particular ability to select the right people make us the ideal partner for your human resources management.

Throughout the years, we have developed significant experience in our main areas of competence (i.e. recruiting and personnel selection, direct approach, executive search, assessments and human resources consulting) in a wide range of industries. Our solid working relationships with international corporations, Austrian SMEs, government agencies and NGOs speak for our good reputation.

Our clients usually entrust us with challenging job requirements and specific target groups. Relying on our diversified practical experience in many companies, we provide customized solutions to find the people who have the right skills and specialized knowledge your company needs.

We focus on executives and young talent as well as industry experts and specialist roles on all career levels. This includes the successful integration of your new employees into existing teams and company structures. We offer in-depth HR expertise in a wide range of industries and job profiles as well as extensive knowledge about the Austrian market. Our approach to our job is one of utmost commitment, professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality.

This translates into solid business relationships with our long-time clients.

Selection of completed projects