Search & Selection, Executive Search, Online Recruiting

How do we find the right fit for your company?

Together we will develop the very best recruiting solution within the framework of a strategic search and candidates' identification in the relevant local and international market segments.

We are human resource experts who stand by our clients' side on a long-term basis for all their recruiting and team-building needs as well as the integration of new staff members. As a first step, we precisely and extensively analyze the candidate market and the specific target groups. That is the basis for our successful projects. During a detailed briefing, we provide expert advice focusing on the best sourcing and search strategy (database, media and direct approach). Your corporate culture and goals as well as your company structure are an inherent part of this strategy.

When filling positions, we focus on young experts as well as managers and executives looking for their next career step, taking your teams and business units to the next level and to long-term success.

Recruiting Services

Each search project is unique. Therefore we customize our search strategy and choose the right assessment method based on a precise analysis of the candidate markets and specific target groups.

  • Strategic Recruiting
  • Search & Selection (Media and Database)
  • Executive Search, Direct Approach (Management and Specialist Roles)
  • Online Recruiting, Social Media Search
  • Strengthening Your Employer Brand
  • Design and Development of Assessment Center, Motivational Analyses, Potential Evaluation and Subjet-matter Tests
  • Management Audits and Appraisals

Selection of completed projects

Corporate clients